Mother, This is the Way to Recover Faster After Caesarean section

Mothers who have to undergo a cesarean section during labor do take longer to recover. This sometimes becomes more severe, when Mother lacks support or hears various negative comments. Don't worry, because there are several ways you can do it to recover faster after a cesarean section. Recovering after a cesarean section is different from normal postnatal recovery. After a caesarean section, you need to stay a little longer in the hospital, about 3-4 days. Aside from walking and getting out of bed, Mother may also find it more difficult to defecate. Don't Let Negative Feelings or Comments Affect Recovery Maybe Mother is among some mothers who really hope and try to give birth normally. So, Mother felt disappointed when the doctor decided to run a cesarean section. These feelings can continue to carry over after delivery and affect the recovery period. Especially if people who come to visit ask, "How come giving birth by cesarean section?" You need to sort out w
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